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My Tiny Friends

My cousins now called Lottie and Noah were born on 1st December. Just 24 days away from Christmas! Spending Christmas smiling and mostly crying I knew they were my mates. J


Lottie is the beyond compare to anyone else, she is the perfect little friend you could possibly ever dream of. She is very cute but also a little chubby (don’t tell her that I said that)! Amazingly, Lottie is good at everything feeding, -I normally feed her- smiling -she always has a chubby happy face- changing -when I change her she never moans. Perfectly you can move around anywhere and all she’ll do is cling onto you like a little monkey!


Noah is the coolest boy I have ever met he is always smiling and is the best little mate ever. Unsurprising, he is just like my bro he is the smallest and the happiest. I would never dare to change him I always leave him for someone else! Its normally the girls who give the best hugs but this Noah is brilliant!