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Finance Report


This year has been a busy year for the PTFA. We have raised over £7000.00. below is a breakdown of what each event raised and also a breakdown of what we have been able to supply for the school.

Christmas Fair                          1603.19        

Christmas cards                     544.70

Disco x 4                                 1339.67

Cake sale                                185.48

Spring fair                              629.11

Mothers day                           379.68

Father's day                            228.55

Happy bag                               352.69           

Summer fair                            1734.04

Asda Donation                       50.00  

WWYLDD                                346.86


Donations and gifts to school

Subsidy for trips                     4000.00

Tracksuits                               600.00

Wet play toys                          809.32

Cameras                                  1191.36

Christmas Tree                       50.00

Pond fund                              750.00

Multicultural days                  1400.00

Bean bags                               173.67

Autograph books                    170.50