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Parental support is vital to help your child to develop in this essential subject. This page contains some documents and links that will provide guidance on some of the expectations and methods we use at Shears Green Junior School. 



The ability to calculate is an important part of mathematics. To better allow you to support your children here is our Calculation Policy. It contains guidance on how written and mental calculations progress. 

To see the expected level of calculation your child should achieve by the end of each year group.

Bar Modelling

This is system which helps pupils to unlock the maths behind a word problem. Bar modelling is a specific variant of the common “Draw a Picture” mathematics problem-solving strategy. The benefit of the bar model is it uses this one variant consistently, students know what kind of picture to draw.  It is especially useful for problems that involve comparisons, part whole calculations, ratios, proportions, and rates of change. It communicates graphically and instantly the information that the learner already knows, and it shows the student how to use that information to solve the problem.

​Please read our guide to the Bar Model here:

Times Tables:

Instant recall of times tables facts are essential for both mental calculation and written calculation.  Instant recall means knowing the answer in under 5 seconds. Daily short practise can really support your child in mastering these key facts.  All children past Year 4 require this level of understanding to ensure they are able to be successful in Year 5 and 6. 

To help you to support you child in learning these vital facts we have created this document. It list the both the tables and the corresponding division facts. It also has some tried and tested techniques to teaching them. 


We have revamped the 77 Club to keep it in line with the raised expectation of the new curriculum. Medals are awarded for 97% correct in the time frame. There are two tests for each medal and children must pass both to receive the award.  Children will receive a certificate in 

assembly. Those that “Master” the challenge for their year will receive a £5 voucher. 

The expectation is that all children should achieve silver to be at age appropriate levels. 

Here are the template Bronze, Silver and Gold for you to work on with your children.