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Opal Plumstead

Hi guys, you already know who it is …


Today I’m going to be blogging about a cool book called ‘Opal Plumstead’ The author is Jacqueline Wilson and she is a very good writer. I would recommend you to read her books as she has books from age 6 to even age 16! I really love her books and I have read a lot of her books including: Katy, Cookie, Double Act and The Worry Website.

Her website is really good too and you can have and design your own bedroom and say your opinion on a book. Jacqueline also responds to questions on the website too!! How cool is that!

Jaqueline Wilson has won amazing awards such as the Children’s Laureate and she is an inspiration for young girls all around Europe.

I hope you look onto her website and maybe even read one of her books. THANKS FOR READING J J J J J

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