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Term 1

This Term


Term 1 was a jam-packed 7 weeks with lots of fun-filled things for the children to learn and engage with.


Lets take a look at some of the things we got up to...

Summer Projects


Thank-you everyone for all your hard work over the summer in producing some excellent summer projects!

The Dogs Trust


As you know we are very lucky to have a school dog, Nelson. The children were lucky enough to meet with the Dogs Trust to find out how they should interact with dogs. The children learnt a lot to keep them safe!

Picture 1
Picture 2



This term in English we have read the BFG.


Through-out the term we have:


  • Written our own extract of the chapter 'The Witching Hour'.
  • Learnt how to write instructions for the BFG.
  • Written a poem describing what the children would like in their own dream jars.
  • Writing a radio extract to persuade the BFG to buy their new smoothie.


'In my Magic Dream Jar' poems and 'The Witching Hour' extracts

'In my Magic Dream Jar' poems and 'The Witching Hour' extracts 1

Reading the poem 'In my Magic Box' with expression

Reading the poem 'In my Magic Box' with expression 1
Reading the poem 'In my Magic Box' with expression 2
Reading the poem 'In my Magic Box' with expression 3



We have done a lot of maths work looking at various number work and practising our times tables!


It is really important for the children to use manipulatives to aid the children's understanding.



This term our topic has been all about food! We have linked this to our science work, art work and English work.


The children have learnt all about healthy eating and what a balanced diet looks like.


The children also thoroughly enjoyed drawing apples and then sculpting clay models of a fruit of their choice.


We have also pretended to be banana farmers, making bananas out of paper to be sold. The children were not impressed when half of their bananas were infected by pests or half of their resources got taken away. However the children realised how hard banana farmers work and the importance of Fairtrade.


One of the highlights of the term was making fruit smoothies and getting the chance to taste a combination of new flavours! The children then made packaging to put the smoothies in!

Smoothie Packaging

Smoothie Packaging  1
Smoothie Packaging  2
Smoothie Packaging  3
Smoothie Packaging  4

Clay Fruit

Clay Fruit 1

It's Good to be Green


Congratulations to the children who remained green throughout this term, never having received a yellow card!

100% Attendance 


Congratulations to all the children who never missed a day of school this term! Well done!

Picture 1