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Term 2

Welcome back and let's enjoy term 2!


Week 1

Year 6 Reader

Thank you to Harry Wood form 6EA for reading to our class.




Thank you to 3SS for their excellent effort at making poppies for the whole school display, which is currently on the backdrop to the stage in the main hall.


Paired Reading

Every Friday at 12 noon this term we will be reading with 5KB for twenty minutes. The children have been paired with a partner from year 5.


Year 5 Egyptian Exhibition

Thank you to year 5 for letting us visit their amazing Egyptian Exhibitions:


Week 2


We acted the scene between Alice and the Caterpillar from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. We will use as a stimulus for writing some dialogue. 



In groups we looked at revised ways to add and take away to help prepare us for length word problem work on Friday.


Year 6 Reader

Thank you to Millie Buttle from 6EA for reading to our class.


Week 3

Getting ready for our class assembly about friendship:



Thank you for all parents and family that attended. It was a great turn out!



Classifying Fairy/traditional tales:


Comparing three different versions of 'The Frog Prince':






Year 6 Reader

Thank you to Daniel Todd from 6RB for reading to our class.



We had great programming our probots around a course.



School Disco

Here come the girls!

The boys are back in town!


Paired reading with 5KB


Children in Need

Thank you for all those who donated.


Week 4

Maths week

Monday - We will solving measurement and ratio problems involving Tom Thumb.


Tuesday - We completed our Times Table Challenge.


Our maths week display. Well done to Tanya, Joshua, Harley, Neve, Zoe and Holly for getting your work up.



Our freeze frames from 'The Frog Prince Continued' were great fun! The children were either the Frog Prince or Princess whose relationship has turned slightly for the worst!








We wrote some of our ideas on our English Working Wall:

Working hard to write a diary entries from the Frog Prince:


Finally meeting the Frog Prince:

It is the puppet, not Mr Smit!


We had fun testing the strength of magnets.




We looked at holding balance with a variety of points:



Getting our probots to draw shapes. Well done to the children for not giving up!


Year 6 Reader

Thank you to Matthew Close from 6RB for reading to our class:

Paired reading with 5KB:


Christmas socks and tights:







This is Deanna's handwriting from October. This is why she has been awarded a pen license. Well done Deanna!


Week 5


Well done children for the excellent effort on Monday in producing the Frog Prince diary entries in best. Here is the display:



Drama work while looking at our new class text, Into the Forest by Anthony Browne:



We had a mini- workshop from a dance school on Monday. The children had great fun!


Making a compass using a magnet, a cork, a paperclip and some water in  container:



Learning vocabulary for classroom objects. Thank you Mrs Barham for teaching us this!


Year 6 Reader

Thank you to Amelia Sparks in 6YCB who read to us today from the novel  'Spy Dog'.



We use the ipads to play the A.L.E.X programming game. The children applied their probot skills well!


Paired reading with 5KB:

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Each child put a decoration on the tree:

DT - Making prototype magnetic puppets:

Well done Joshua!


Christmas jumper day!



Even though there is no photographic evidence Mr Smit did wear a Christmas jumper!

Week 6

Monday - Mr Smit is ill! He will back on Wednesday so be very nice to him! He is very confident that the children will try hard in his absence.



We wrote and performed plays based on the scene when the boy meets Hansel and Gretel from the class text Into the Forest.




We started our Read, Write, Spell programme on Wednesday:




Some more practise with the 'Alex' programming:



Elizabeth designing her magnetic puppets:


Paired reading with 5KB:


Week 7


A mind map on what the children thought made a good play script.


Year 6 Reader

Thank you to Nayanny in 6AH who read to us today from the novel  Matilda:


Read, Write, Spell



The Christmas Show

Something special to show

Joshua wanted to show his grandad's boat in a bottle:



Mr Smit and Blue working together on pictograms:


Christmas Dinner






Christmas card making:



The Christmas Party

Grace was named the Limbo Queen and George the Limbo King:



Neve was voted the girls' dance off champion after a great contest:


The boys' dance off was won by Akili after a tie break dance off with Mr Smit. Mr Smit would like to state that he felt he was robbed!



English/DT/ Topic

Our magnetic puppet shows were finished, performed and evaluated.













Outside School Achievement this term:

Well done Zoe with your gymnastics!

Elizabeth was Beaver of the Month. Well done!

Libby's ballet award.

Tanya has been working hard with her tennis.

Libby has won a dance medal for 'Street'.