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Term 2

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We've been reading The Enchanted Horse by Magdalene Nabb. The children are really enjoying this book. At this point, in the middle of the term, we have finished The Enchanted Horse and we are taking themes from the story to inspire our own creative writing.


History Through the Ages


4NC had a wonderful day in Rochester which begun our term two topic! So far this term we have looked Rochester and how it has changed through the ages and we are now beginning to look at cause and effect of particular events in history. The children are thoroughly enjoying this term's topic and are excited to see what's to come! 





We are currently in the middle of Maths Week! We decided to give the Year 4's a real life problem for them to tackle in Maths Week. We created a task with cross curricular links to our Topic, and the children had to design a period house and discuss the price and measures they might require to build it. They are really enjoying the activities and working with their peers to create a period house!