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Term 3

The Stone Age


Why was Stonehenge built?  This term we will be historical detectives and try and discover the answer.  Why not look in a book and see what clues you can find to help the class answer this question.


Image result for stonehenge

This term we will be studying the Stone Age. To help with out learning, on Thursday 12th January 2017 we will have a Stone Age workshop in school and all Year 3 children are invited to come dressed as a Stone Age person!

We kindly request a voluntary contribution of £3.00 per child to cover the day.  If we do not receive sufficient funds then unfortunately we will have to cancel the event.


Our text in English will be 'Stig of the Dump' by Clive King, who based his story in the village of Ash, near Sevenoaks, where he lived as a young boy.



Who would you prefer to be? Stig or Barney?

We had a fantastic Stone Age Day and learned many new facts! We hunted mammoths, built Stonehenge and learned how Stone Age man lived. Thank you for such brilliant costumes, the children looked wonderful!



Picture 1 Don't we look ferocious!
Picture 2 Being hunted by a mammoth
Picture 3 Helping out
Picture 4 Who am I?
Picture 5 Researching
Picture 6 Look at this!
Picture 7 Making fire
Picture 8 Lots to learn here
Picture 9 Answering questions
Picture 10 Let's work together
Picture 11 Building Stonehenge needs ...
Picture 12 ... teamwork
Picture 13 Look at us!

Cave Art

3AD all worked together to create thier own cave art.

They included pictures of mammoths, hunters and hand prints.

They were inspired by the Stone Age cave paintings found in 1940 by children in the Dordogne region of France.


Image result for dordogne cave paintings Image result for hand cave paintings france


Here is 3AD's interpretation.

Picture 1 Such concentration!
Picture 2 Let me help you draw round your hand.
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Your Stone Age dwellings were fabulous, 3AD.  I am so impressed with the care and detail you put into this homework.  Fabulous!smiley


Dwellings 1
Dwellings 2
Dwellings 3
Dwellings 4
Dwellings 5
Dwellings 6
Dwellings 7
Dwellings 8
Dwellings 9
Dwellings 10
Dwellings 11
Dwellings 12
Dwellings 13
Dwellings 14
Dwellings 15
Dwellings 16
Dwellings 17
Dwellings 18
Dwellings 19
Dwellings 20
Dwellings 21