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Term 4

Term 4

Week 1

Our Class Text

Leon and the Place Between by Grahame Baker -Smith:



The children thinking of reasons why it was good to be them!






Exploring colour with Mr Hudson:






Paired reading wit 5KB:



Thank you for two enjoyable parents' evenings. Next week, World Book Day is on Thursday 2nd March. Do not forgot your costumes! Mrs Pike has stated that I cannot dress up in my usual pirate outfit! I am sure I will think of something else!

Mr Smit


Week 2


Thank you Miss Ferigan for a fun Science experiment. The children created more light so they could see what was in the box by adding more holes. 


Parents Reading Visit

Thank you parents for a super turn out!







World Book Day!

Looking the Part

Thank you children and parents for providing wonderful costumes for the day:








Mr Smit loved the attention to detail - A marmalade sandwich in Paddington Bear's hat. Brilliant! 


On World Book Day we based our art work on the book 'The Rabbits' by Shaun Tan:


Visit from the Infants.

Our children loved reading to the infants when they visited us for World Book Day:



Balls Skills. The boys in this group impressed me in the lesson:


Week 3

Paired reading

Enjoying our reading with 5KB:



Read, Write, Spell

Children completing their dictation task:



The children completing the team teach task:



Our art work display linked to our topic of Light and Colour:


Well done to Zoe and Deanna for getting their science explanation on display:


Week 4


The children are showing the thumbs up if the number grid helped them to see the relationship between the 2, 4 and 8 times table. Some children preferred to use their own times table knowledge:


Using manipulatives to help explore our understanding on developing formal methods for multiplication:


Circle Time

We discussed politeness and being a good listener:




Trying to create a magic/circus act with colourful cuttings in the style of Matisse:


Year 6 Reader

Thank you to Amelia for her wonderful reading:


Exploring the art software available in the ICT suite:

Paired Reading

Enjoying our reading with 5KB:


Science: British Science Week!

Exploring how changing the angle of the light source affects the shadow:

After looking at the Newton Wheel, we explored why it rains using food colouring, shaving foam and water in a container. Please ask the children what happened and why?


Week 5

Class Assembly

Thank you for all those who attended our class assembly on Tuesday. The children did so well!




Art and Fire Safety

Thursday was a busy day! Half the children were making their artwork for the St George's Day Parade and the others had a Fire Safety Talk from the Fire Brigade:





Red Nose Day!

Thank you for all your kind donations.

Week 6


Some of our Matisse artwork:







Improving our basketball dribble:



Making our Easter baskets was great fun but Harvey filling them up with chocolate mini eggs was even better!



Well done Zoe for her excellent gym work:


Well done for Libby for your excellent dancing:

Well done Harvey for your excellent rugby skills!