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Term 5

Term 5

Welcome to term 5. The topic for this term in Roman Britain!


Class Text

For the first 4 weeks of the term we will continue with the text Krindlekrax by Philip Ridley:


Week 1


Using the text to draw Lizard Street. The following day we wrote a description.




We then wrote a diary entry as Winston (Ruskin's father) about the day he lost his job. the children really got into the character blaming everyone else and constantly using his familiar phrase "It's not my fault!". Here is Grace's and Libby's work:



We learnt about, then made laurel wreaths to wear to our visit to Kent Life next week:



Week 2

School Trip

Our trip to Kent Life for the Roman Day. It was great fun and the children behaved well. A great day!






Writing our complaint letter about Elvis Cave from our class text Krindlekrax:

Writing the letters for display:


Week 3

Class caterpillars

Our caterpillars have arrived and are looking well. Mrs White has been given solve responsibility for their care by Mr Smit!



Mr Smit the murderer! At our launch Mr Smit killed a living thing but do not worry, it was already a very unwell plant!


We then explored the function of roots. We used cotton wool to experiment this further. How? Please ask a member of 3SS and they will tell you.








We looked and created a map of the Roman Empire and compared it to a modern day map of Europe that we created last week:



Reverend Trudi's Assembly

Thank you to Trudi for her assembly on Thursday:




Week 4


Comparing the opinions of Romans and Celts in Roman Britain:



The children editing and improving their alternative ending to Krindlekrax. Their writing was fantastic!




The children completing the Pond Challenge:



Week 5


Our 'letter of complaint' display is now up in the classroom:


Class Assembly

The children delivered a great assembly themed 'It's not fair!'. Thank you to all family members who attended:



The children working hard to work out perimeters:



Mr Smit put the class through some obstacle challenges using his knowledge of Sportshall Athletics:



The children explored a simulation website game to find Roman artefacts:


Paired Reading

The children enjoyed reading with 5KB:



Week 6


Getting our heads around money:



Sponsored Bounce

Thank you to all the money raised! The children certainly bounced brilliantly:



Caterpillars to Butterflies

We managed to grow four butterflies and we released them this week:



Roman Projects on display

The projects were fantastic! What an effort!



Well done to Deanna for achieving her latest gym level:

Well done for moving up a belt in his taekwondo: