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As a class we have had ups and we have had downs. We have had laughter and we have had tears. This year has been so wonderful so far, and it is a real treat to have met you and spent the time with you that we have had. 


During this unprecedented (not known before) time, you have all been absolutely amazing and have made us so proud. You told us of your small acts of kindness, and we discussed how much of an impact this can have on other people. We hope that you continue these acts of kindness and that you tell us all about them when you get back to school!


We would just like to say how wonderful each and every one of you truly are. You are a truly tremendous group of young people and we expect great things from all of you. We also expect that you will all continue to spread the joy, the laughter and those beautiful smiles every where you go.


Please make sure that you stay in touch whilst you are working from home.

Our class email address is:


We would love to see what you have been getting up to at home!


With Love, 


Mrs Whiting and Mrs Akers