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Welcome to the 4KN page for 2021-22 and thank you for visiting! We hope to keep you updated on some of the things we get up to!

Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

Weaving undersea images - Design and Technology

Science with gases - why does less water and an effervescent tablet have a greater effect inflating a balloon as opposed to a lot of water??

The Water Cycle. We learned about evaporation, water vapour, condensation and precipitation

Viking Longboats

Gymnastics and the apparatus

Christmas Party

Christmas Jumper Day

A very quick and chilly daily mile!

Saxon cookery - Honey Oat Cakes

Traders and Raiders - History and Geography Topic - Today, we were archaeologists investigating findings from Sutton Hoo.

Lockdown Tim Burton designs

During Term 1, we have investigated the digestive system, starting from the mouth (and how to keep that healthy), then learning about the journey of foods through the oesophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine and the rectum before leaving the body.


We made poo and had an excellent visit from the 'Poo Nurses' from Darent Valley Hospital, who were amazed by what the children had learned.


We have investigated how different liquids affect egg shells.  Did you know that eggs, left in vinegar lose their hard shell and become bouncy?


In English, we have developed our understanding of expanded noun phrases, fronted adverbials and similes.  Plus we are always checking that our capital letters, full stops and commas are used correctly.


In whole class reading, we have been enthusiastic about our class book - Stitch Head, a wonderful tale about a rather awful creation made by a professor in a castle. Well worth a read!




Checking to see how well we clean our teeth - what a giggle!