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We baked honey oats cakes as a part of our Saxon topic.

This week we have been doing OOA activities developing team work skills and communication.

This week in games we have been practising our throwing skills, learning how to pass in rugby.

This week we made creatures, like the Mad Professor Erasmus from Stitch Head. We based our designs on the work of Tim Burton, who we enjoyed learning about.

Poo workshop with nurses from Darent Valley.

Today we modelled the digestive system. First, we cut and crushed the food (we used scissors and dowels), like our teeth do.

The second stage was for the saliva (water and washing up liquid) to be added and the tongue to help mush the food.

The third stage was for our food to pass into our stomach. Instead of an Oesphagus we used a spoon :) and added vinegar to be the stomach acid.

The fourth stage was for our stomachs to be squeezed representing the stomach churning.

The fifth stage was for the chyme to be passed from the stomach to the small intestines (tights).

The sixth part of the process was for the food to pass through the intestines where nutrients and water are absorbed. We squeezed the tights as we pushed the food to demonstrate this.

The final stage was for the waste product to leave the body via the anus as faeces. We do admit, the poo did not look quite as we had hoped!