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During lockdown because of Covid 19, I will be showing some of your work on this page. I have already read some brilliant poems - look for yourselves!  I will add more as you email me to let me and your friends know what you have been doing.


Don't forget to use Reading Plus and TT Rockstars for about 10 minutes each day (Don't think I'm not checking who has been accessing these sitescool)


Stay safe and take care!!

Coronavirus Covid 19 Poems


On it goes
Ruining lives
Over the world
Nobody is safe from it
And now we are in lockdown
Video games and TV unlimited
Isolating ourselves
Right now we work from home
Using this time to stop the virus spreading
Stay home, protect the NHS, save lives!

                                  By Joseph M

Class teacher -           Mrs K Nicholson

Teaching Assistants - Mrs S Manning (Tues, Wed and Thurs)

                                   Mr S Palmer (Mon and Fri)                                                                  

                                   Mrs A Hope (mornings only)

                                   Mrs L Wheeler (afternoons only)



On Monday 20th January, the Year 5 team of staff re enacted the Mummification of a Pharaoh, demonstrating all of the practices which were used in Egyptian times. Ask your child/ren about the processes involved - we are sure they will tell you of all the gory details!


Theme park radio adverts. I hope you agree that the children did really well to make such professional sounding adverts; their locations are varied and their ideas were interesting and at times thoughtful (lavender scented bedding for example!) The first is by Abbie and Freya D

In pairs, we had to plan and write a radio script for a theme park. We were encouraged to use a slogan and persuasive language. Overall, we all did very well.

Ashwin and Zoey

Dils and Isabelle

Emmi and Freya L

Fatima and Amelia

Georgie and Taisia

Thomas and Caiden

Sienna and Evie

Oliver and Lily-Rose


Maisy and Tayla


Jasveer and Archie

Ioana and Charlie

Harman and Gurshaan

Pupil’s proud moments

Man of the Match for his own team
Freya completed the Libraries Reading Challenge!
In the beginning, some of us were very competent sewers, Freya L and Ioana were particularly proficient; others found threading a needle difficult. However, with continued practice the majority created a moonscape by using different buttons/beads/fabrics to represent the mountains and craters on the moon surface.

Measuring the impact of forces

Standing across the Meridian Line at Greenwich Observatory

Working out the time using a sun dial