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 Term 6

Bonjour tout la monde!

Sports Day

Term Five

Welcome back to Term 5, which I am sure will be fun packed, you will need your artistic resilience as we step into a whole week dedicated to art.


I am looking forward to creating an art gallery of the children's creations.


Should you have any questions of concerns, remember to contact me via or the school office.

Arts Week - The Savana - pneumatic pictures. So proud of the children's efforts with this activity - Our Trust Values really were experienced.

Term Four

What did we get up to?

Term 4


We made it to Easter, either through remote learning or physically being in class - It was a very different type of term; none the less the children have had many experiences.  We hope they enjoy telling you what they have been up to throughout the term as we  explored rollercoasters, water flumes and a disappearing child.

We have made carriages, drawn ourselves upside down; written reports, newspaper articles and poems using synonyms, metaphors and onomatopoeia. Additionally, in science we learned about forces and how every action has a reaction, as well as starting to learn the Ukulele. 


What a hectic term!




World Book Day - 5KN as real life hero's - Didn't they look fabulous

Showing Pride in our Egg drop ride carriages - some were more successful than others! Mrs N ended up very eggy!

Using the class reading book (The London Eye Mystery) the children created freeze frames about different scenes.

Edvard Munch Scream in pastels - Look how well we did!

The Daily Mile - hoping to get at least three miles completed each week!

Term Three

Nothing to report because of Covid 19.


Stay safe everyone!

Term Two

Autumn Break Information

Hi everyone! I'm sure you're having a great time off school at the moment; however, don't forget that Reading Plus, TTRockstars and Spelling Frame are still there during the holidays. Additionally, there is Mr Walker's adventure story writing activity to do too! Let your imagination fly or write about an activity you have done so far. Let's make 5KN's the best Holiday Story book in the whole year group (and keep Mr Walker busy collating it all ;)

Our Egyptian Cartouches

Term One

Timetable Term 1 - check out the PE/Games/Swimming days _Subject to change because of restrictions at the pool

All about you. Help us to get to know you. Please download, edit and email this back to the school ready for a display in September.

Bounce Back Curriculum