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Last month I got a kitten called Galileo. He gets on very well with Victor luckily! They very quickly became best friends and are often very cheeky and naughty together.

Phoebe has been doing plenty over the past few weeks, including lots of school work.

Hannah and Katie did some good work for Spy Master.

Aby-Alisha has been enjoying Skellig.

Ellie-Ann is an artist! Look at her painting!

Saachi wrote a great poem about a computer virus

Phoebe has used an online game to help her create three new uniforms for school :)

Miniature portraits made by Hannah and Katie

Sadie has drawn a lovely picture of King Henry VIII

Saachi has been woriking really hard on her writing and has done lots of maths too

Ellie-Ann has been working really hard on the Tudor topic and has painted a lovely picture of King Henry VIII

Aby-Alisha has made her own Tudor house as well as writing a detailed description of her kitchen.

Halle's timeline

Hannah has made two Tudor houses, the purple is the poor house and the red the rich house.

Katie's lovely poem

Lucy has been working hard :)

Every one that has sent me work so far, a huge well done and thank you!!!

It is clear that you have all been very busy doing a range of activities, set work and work your parents have made for you. A pat on the back is well deserved!!!


I have not put too much work up from the set work as I don't want to give answers away.


If you have anything you have done or something you would like to share, please email it to me!


Stay safe :)

Molly has been busy learning new skills and trying different activities :)

Gracie has made a power point explaining isolation and what it means to her as well as the impact it has had on her day to day :)

Phoebe has been really busy :)

Halle's lovely project :)

Rohan has been working hard at home!

Lots of great research by Rohan

Lots of interesting facts from Hannah and Katie

Hannah and Katie have been very busy with their home learning and keeping busy!