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Archived Week 6

Year 5 Week 6

For the additional two days, we would like you to complete a cross-curricular activity based around a board game.  The theme needs to be either ‘Spy Master: First Blood’ or ‘The Tudors’.

Design the actual game itself in the style of well-known games such as snakes & ladders, Ludo or a simple first home wins format.

When adding the theme think about positive and negative situations from the plot of the book or what you know from Tudor history.  For example, Spy Master: First Blood; Assisted by locals – Move forward 2 spaces, or Chased by Palace Guards – Move back 2 spaces.  Or with Tudors; A boy is born! – Move forward 5 spaces, or the throne is challenged – Move back 5 spaces.

Your board game could be a physical board or you could create one on PowerPoint.





Create chance cards with themed word problems.


Players need to solve them in order to move on or miss a turn if wrongly answered.



Write instructions for how to play the game that you have created.


Remember to use imperative verbs and adverbs in your sentences.


Create the board and characters themed on our book or topic from this term.


Play your completed game!


Remember to:

 Take a photograph of your work this week and email it to your teacher:

Let your teacher know how you are coping with the work, or any worries you may have. Tell them about anything else you have been doing and share any pictures you wish to! Don’t forget to listen to the Podcasts – there has been some lovely entries – could you be one of them?