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Hi guys, Frandom here. I hope that you and your families had a great Christmas break and a happy new year! Today I will be talking about art. Over Christmas, I received many arty presents including: a new easel, acrylic paints, sketching pencils, a mannequin, colouring pencils and a lot more! I then spent the rest of the Christmas holidays testing different styles, painting and sketching new and different things.

Art takes time and practise. When I’m stuck for ideas or am not sure how to draw something, a good place to go onto is YouTube. YouTube is full of artists doing tutorials on how to sketch, paint, or colour things that are extremely helpful (one of my favourites is Fun2Draw, by Mei Yu). On Christmas, I was given a book with tutorials much like this, which taught me how to draw lots of things in stages – it was called ‘You Can Draw In 30 Days’ and was made by Mark Kistler. I found this a great book to use!

Using this book, I drew these two pictures. They are extremely similar, except one of them is in colour, and the other is just a sketch.

Also, I received a mannequin; a small, wooden figurine. Using this, I managed to draw a cool picture of a dancing doll.

It was quite simple really. As you can see, I moved the mannequin’s arms and legs around into the position I wanted them to be in, and then set it up on my table. I then drew each individual shape on the body. After that, I joined all these shapes together and erased the unwanted lines. Then, I added the details, clothes, and colouring. I started it out thinking that I was drawing an actual dancer, and finished off making it into a doll (that was because I couldn’t do the eyes properly so I thought I could make it a doll and do simple eyes xD ). It was a fun picture to draw.

Thank you for reading this blog. I hope you have enjoyed and that I have inspired you to make your own art! Make sure to check out everyone else’s blogs, to check out the V.I.P readers, and to come back for more of my blogs in two weeks! Bye,