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Beach Trip

My trip to the beach

In the Christmas holidays my family and I went to a beach. My brother and I had wanted to go to this beach ever since we went last time! This beach is quite a long way away from where we live and after a long drive we finally arrived! I was very excited because when we went to this beach before I had a really good time! It was quite a cold day, and as we got out of the car we saw a lady who had been swimming in the sea coming off of the beach in just a swimming costume with a towel wrapped around her! After we had finished our lunch, we went down onto the beach; our puppy Jess was really excited as she had never seen sand before! On the beach there were big sand dunes and me, my brother and Jess ran up them and jumped down them! Jess got tangled up in her lead quite a few times because she isn’t trained well enough for us to let her off the lead! Once Jess ran round me and got me tangled up in her lead! It was very funny! After a while we started walking along the beach and I and my brother went to look at the sea. It was very, very cold! Me and my brother decided to go paddling (just go in and get our feet wet.) Our parents didn’t know anything about our idea! Anyway when we got our feet into the sea, it was quite shallow and didn’t even come up to my ankles! But then I decided to run along next to the waves, I was running quite fast and the next thing I know I’m not ankle deep in water, but it’s up to my waist! Even though I was running towards the shore I had fallen down a deep hole! I got absolutely soaked! Even though the water was very cold and it was a cold day, I and my brother found it incredibly funny, but my parents did not as we had to go home, because I was so wet and didn’t have a change of clothes! I think Jess was disappointed that we had to go home as she loved the beach so much! Hopefully we can go again soon and this time I won’t fall down a hole...