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Birthday Party

Hi guys,

On the 17th November I was the lucky 11!

Some of you know I share a birthday with Summer (my bestie) so I had a great birthday with her. Did you know… I am one hour older than Summer! As my birthday was obviously on the same day as the school disco, I couldn’t go so I decided to have a disco party. It was such fun!


On the morning of my birthday, I was greeted by my cute cat (Freddie) as he laid next to me in my bed, not on purpose, probably waiting for food! Next I went downstairs to open my presents and found loads on the sofa, they were the best presents ever! I don’t have a favourite as they were all great! Then I had to go to school. Some people hate school, but I love school! After school, I went to my grandparents with my cousins and opened all of their presents, I also opened my aunts’ and uncles’. The best present was the hair curler, it worked really well. I had many presents: a chocolate pen, a glitter top and much more… Then I went home and went to bed.



My disco was a hit! We had karaoke which was hilarious as two of the boys in my class were complaining about the girls singing (typical boys!), and so the girls made the boys sing, they were worse! They sang four songs badly and added some Honey-G raps! After the karaoke we danced for ages the girls’ favourite song was ‘Juju on that beat’ as all of them were dancing crazily, especially Francesca –aka, FRANDOM! Go check out her blogs! The rest of the boys were not really dancing, more like bottle flipping, I don’t think it was really dancing, just moving their arms! In the end everyone had a great time and I got some lovely and generous presents.