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Christmas Adverts

Hi guys! Its Frandom here, welcome to today’s blog about Christmas adverts. Personally, I love Christmas adverts: they make you really excited for Christmas! Christmas has come round so fast this year; I can’t believe the adverts are out already!!! (How many times have I said Christmas???)


John Lewis adverts are the ones that I look forward to the most. This year, they have released one based on buying presents that everyone will love! It starts with a young girl who wishes for a trampoline for Christmas. After her parents have put it up in the garden, some furry creatures (squirrels, foxes, badgers) climb onto the trampoline and have their own fun on it. This section of the advert is amazing to watch, because you can really tell what they’re thinking about this strange, bouncy floor even though they are not talking. Also, I really enjoy this part because it actually happened to my family. When we used to have a trampoline, we could hear animals on it at night and in the morning could see footprints on it. We also view the dog, who is gazing out of the window, obviously wanting to try out jumping on this strange thing in the garden. In the morning, the young girl awakes to see a brand new trampoline, and begins to sprint out to it. But before she reaches it, the dog bounces up onto it and steals the spotlight! I rate this advert 10/10 because it tells a story and makes me extremely excited for CHRISTMAS!!!


My second favourite is a bit cheesy, but after a while, I have grown to like it: the Sainsbury’s advert. I really enjoy watching this advert because I really like the animations. After watching a behind-the-scenes video, I now understand how much work and effort went into this three-minute-long video. For the expressions on the character’s faces, they have a 3D-printer that prints out millions and millions of ‘Dave’s’ faces, with tiny little differences so that it flows together. In this advert, a man called Dave, is singing a song (actually sung by James Corden) in the busy season of Christmas. He is rushing around, trying to buy his family ‘The Greatest Gift’ for Christmas, but halfway through finds out, and I quote, ‘But the greatest gift I can find is me’. As he works in a toy-making factory, he makes toys that look like him and sends them off to buy him the presents, whilst he spends time at home with his family. It’s a very nice advert and I rate it 7/10.


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