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Christmas Day

Hi guys, Frandom back again! After posting my art blog (go check it out :D ) I realised I haven’t even told you about my actual Christmas day, so I decided to write another blog about Christmas.


I woke up at about 5.00am and my brother and I burst into my mum and dad’s room, waking them up abruptly and begging them to let us open our stockings. Quickly leaping down the stairs, we flopped onto the sofa and began to tip the first few presents out of the stockings, ready to open. I received many small stocking-fillers this year: including Lego, notepads, pens, and more which I loved! Then it was time for my favourite part of Christmas day, exchanging gifts. To begin with, I gave my mum the present that I had bought for her, I was extremely pleased to see her open my present because she put it on straight away (it was an Accessorize necklace with three hearts on it) and hasn’t taken it off ever since.

Then, I opened many more presents from my brother, mum, and dad! I was delighted with all my presents and have already started using them! From my brother, I received a quiz box about our favourite television programme, from my mum and dad, various arty presents, hair presents, some money towards a new guitar for my birthday (I’d like an electro-acoustic) and a lot more. 


Later in the day (at about eleven in the morning) we headed down to my Grandma and Grandpa’s. They were really happy with all the presents that we bought for them, and we were happy with the ones that they bought for us too! My favourite present from my Grandma and Grandpa was a book called ‘Ready, Set, Novel!’. I won’t waffle on about it for too long but for anyone who’s interested in writing a really good book, developing characters, finding out how to make plot twists, etc. this is a really good book to buy!


Full with amazing Christmas lunch, we quickly drove back to mine to prepare for my Nanny and Grandad to come over for the evening. It was also a very special Christmas because my Uncle Paul travels around the world all the time (he’s currently living in a country named Vietnam) and he came back to spend Christmas with us! The evening was great; we pulled Christmas Crackers, played Charades, had dinner, and watched some quality Christmas TV.


I had an amazing Christmas and I hope that you, your friends, and your family did too! Thank you so much for reading this blog, I really hope you enjoyed it! Make sure to check out the VIP readers, the other blogs, and to come back for more of mine soon! Bye for now,