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Hi everyone, I hope you had a fabulous Christmas and an exciting New Year-I certainly did! Today I’m going to be talking about my Christmas and New Year; but with no more further information let’s get right into it!


On Christmas Eve my friends came over to my house and we played many games including Guess Who, Xbox, Hide and Seek, Murder in the dark. When they left my sisters put out a carrot, some chocolates and a glass of milk. That night I couldn’t get to sleep! Waking up at around half past seven we rushed down stairs to find our stockings full. Some presents I got were: chocolates, sharpies, notebooks, IPad cover, and a lot more. That we went to my Grandmas house having a big Christmas dinner and a small snack for tea. After lunch we played a game called Scattergories and then opened our presents, I got rubbers, emoji stationary, pencils, k’nex rollercoasters, leotard, Harry Potter bag and annual, Nike bag and plenty more. Whilst I was there, I had a go on my cousins hover board; I was quite good and picked it up quite quickly. On Boxing Day my other grandparent came to my house making it a nice and relaxed day. We had another Christmas lunch and played two games called Emojinary and Scattergories again! Christmas had passed again and now New Year is coming up!

New Year was here once and again. For New Year I went up to Norfolk, Happisburgh to see my cousins that live somewhere else. We had dinner, did dancing, watched the fireworks and finally counted down to midnight. We then had our usual snack, cheese and biscuits. Meanwhile we went to bed and were asleep.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, and you had a good Christmas time! Bye .