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Hi guys and welcome to this week’s blog! Recently, I went out to two concerts: Bastille and KT Tunstall. Both of them were extremely different and I am going to talk about them today.


The first one I went to was KT Tunstall- she is a singer-songwriter musician, her main instrument is the guitar and I’ve played a few of her songs on my guitar lessons. A few weeks before I went to see her, she released her fifth album, Kin. I went to this concert with my mum and grandad and we all really enjoyed it. She used pedals in some of her songs; the most famous one being ‘Black Horse and The Cherry Tree,’ where she sings into the microphone (and at points, plays instruments) and the pedals loop over the sound over and over again – this makes it sound like there is a whole band singing the song, when really it was just her. After the concert had finished, we sneaked to the stage door where I actually got to meet KT Tunstall as she headed to her tour bus. She signed my ticket, spoke to us for a while (she’s so lovely) then we had our photo taken with her.


The next week, we headed out to the O2 to see a more well-known band: BΔSTILLE (or Bastille) – I also play their songs in my guitar lessons. The O2 is a massive venue, therefore was a completely different experience – it’s one of the biggest venues in the whole world!!!  After taking our seats and waiting for a while, BΔSTILLE finally took to the stage. They came on singing, ‘Send Them Off’, one of their newest singles, and finished with my favorite song, Pompeii. Dan, the main singer, came out into the crowd and ended up standing in front of us, playing the drum – it was so exciting! The whole concert was amazing and my mum, dad and I all loved it! The next day, we could all hardly talk (especially my mum) from all the singing along (and my mum screaming!!!)


Thank you so much for reading this blog, as per usual, please make sure to check out everyone else’s blog, and check this one for another in two weeks! Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TINKERBELL!!!