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Curriculum - Local Area Study


Topic: Local Area Study

This term we are studying our local area of Gravesham and Gravesend Town.  Over the next few weeks we will be looking at different aspects of Gravesend and Gravesham.  This week we are looking at its history and the famous people that are associated with our local area.

Lesson 1 - History of Gravesham and Gravesend

Research about Gravesend and Gravesham and their history.  Possible useful websites are:  (Virtual Museum)  (then click on Destinations / Gravesend)

Questions you might want to consider.

What is the difference between Gravesham and Gravesend?

When was Gravesham/Gravesend first recorded or noted to exist?

What is the myth about its name?

Who are the famous people that are linked to Gravesend?

Has Gravesend/Gravesham been linked to any TV programs, books or films?

Have there been any big events/attractions in Gravesend/Gravesham in the past?

What key dates are important to the changes to Gravesend/Gravesham?

What other interesting facts are there about Gravesend/Gravesham?


Here are some options about how you could present your findings, or if you have your own idea please feel free to use that. 

- Interview older family members (via a phone call or video call, or a 2m social distancing chat)   to see how they recall Gravesend, do they know of anything that has changed?  Write out your interview and answers or send in a recording.

- make an information article / web page for (see  example idea) 

- make a poster/ factfile

- Timeline of events that have occurred in Gravesend

- Draw a picture relating to the history of Gravesend/Gravesham e.g. Rosherville Gardens, or a portrait of a famous person.