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Week 3 - 15/6/20 - 19/6/20



LO – TBAT subtract two 4-digit numbers - no exchange  



LO – TBAT understand vocabulary, infer and predict.

Read chapters 14 and 15


  1. What does Mr Fox mean by ‘saucy’?
  2. Find a word on Page 63 that means ‘big’.
  3. What does ‘poaching’ mean?
  4. What is a souvenir?


  1. Why can Mr Fox move the brick?
  2. Why is Rat so angry?
  3. Why is cider good for badgers?
  4. Who is the woman getting cider for?


  1. Read to the end of Chapter 15. Predict what will happen next.

LO – TBAT Subtract two 4-digit numbers - one exchange

LO – TBAT understand a characters feelings.

Read chapters 16 and 17.


Imagine you are the badger and you have just got back to your family and all the other animals for the feast. You thought you might be discovered when you were stealing the cider.


Write a list of the different emotions you were feeling as you read through the chapter.

Next to each word give a reason for feeling like this.


LO – TBAT Subtract two 4-digit numbers - more than one exchange

LO – TBAT write an alternative ending

Read chapter 18.


Read the final chapter of Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Do you like the ending?

What do you like/dislike about it?


Write your own ending for the farmers Boggis, Bunce and Bean. How do you think the story could end?


Remember to include:

  • Capital letters for names and to start sentences;
  • Full stops to finish sentences;
  • Adjectives for description;
  • Exclamation marks and question marks.


You may take more than one lesson to do this. If you finish, then have a go at creating the poster.


LO – TBAT use efficient Subtraction.

LO – TBAT create a wanted poster

The three farmers are still looking for Mr.Fox. Create a wanted poster that they could put up around their farms to tell everyone they are looking for him.

It should include:

  • A picture of Mr.Fox;
  • Reasons why he should be caught;
  • Reward for the person who finds him.


TBAT complete the arithmetic practice test.

TBAT complete the Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar task.


Please note: there are 3 SPAG mats attached, each with vary difficulty. Pick the one that is most appropriate for your level.