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Dancing Queen

Hi guys, its Dancing Queen here!


I’m going to be posting blogs on this website, near enough every week! I’m in year 6 and by far it has been my favourite year in primary school .This is because, you feel top of the school and you know that people look up to you all the time! Now as you’re going to get to know me quite well, I’m going to explain all about my name. My name on here is Dancing Queen; this is because I love to dance. I go to 5 different styles of dance: Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Street and Musical Theatre! However, I also love books and my favourite authors are David Walliams, J.K. Rowling and Jaqueline Wilson. On this blogging page you will find: DIYs, hacks and opinions on the newest trends.



#Dancing Queen



“A reader lives a thousand lives before they die; the person who never reads lives only one.”

                                              By George R. R. Martin

I hope you enjoy reading my page!!


Dancing Queen x