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Family Challenge (Bore Place Farm)

Shears Green Junior School are working with Bore Place Farm to offer the opportunity for five families to have a free weekend at the farm. To take part, you and your family will need to take the challenge by trying some of the activities suggested (see below) these include trying new foods as well as taking part in outdoor activities over the half-term break.

The challenge starts on Monday 5th February and runs for 2 weeks (including half term). Evidence for completion of the activities will need to be collected by photographs, drawing, ticket stubs etc to show the activities have been done. 

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs Ball (Family Liaison Officer- in the school office).


Enter our family challenge to win a free family retreat to Bore Place Farm, in the Kent countryside on 10-11 February for a weekend of fun and food… Running from Monday 5th February to Monday 19th February see how many meals from this menu you can complete.  The starters won’t take as long as the mains and you choose the level of heat. Can you fit any puddings in? Challenges with chillies are worth more!! Take some photos of you doing them or write it up to show to your teachers at school. Deadline for handing in is Wed 21st February!!!!!!

 MILD           MEDIUM        HOT








Try something new

Try a new fruit and vegetable…you may like it!


Look for 100 calorie snacks

No more than 2 snacks max per day!


15-30 minutes extra activity a day - scoot, walk around the block, play outside with friends, skip, play football etc….

Try doing this for as many days in a row….tell us how it made you feel after one week?


Use stairs instead of lift

Try doing this at every opportunity


Drink a big glass of water with each meal

Try doing this for as many days in a row….tell us how it made you feel after one week?


Have a disco one night in your living room

Try dancing to as many songs as you can, have a dance off with family members and see who wins...get your heart racing a little!


Sign up to Change4Life

Sign up and receive free snack pack, with money-off vouchers for healthier snacks, free recipe and activity ideas – www.nhs/change4life





Play in the local park each weekend…

Try playing a game of tag, off ground touch, football or catch climb a tree to get your heart racing…



East 5 fruit and veg a day

Try doing this for as many days in a row….tell us how it made you feel after one week?


Sugar swaps - try for 1-2 weeks!

Swap sugary drinks for water/milk

Switch sugary snacks to fruit/nuts/rice cakes

Change sugary cereals to porridge, whole wheat biscuits or grain.


Take part in 5k Family Park Run

Held every Saturday at 9.30 at Shorne Woods Country Park, Brewers Road, Gravesend, Kent DA12 3HX


Take part in 2k Junior Park Run

Held every Sunday at 9.30 at Riverside Leisure Area, Milton Place, Gravesend, Kent, DA12 2B


Visit local country park or wildlife reserve – do a nature treasure hunt or search for min-beasts

Shorne Woods – Brewers Road, Shorne, Gravesend, Kent, DA12 3HX or Trosley Woods – Waterlow Road, Vigo Village, Meopham, Kent, DA13 or Botany Marsh


Family bike ride

Over half term kids ride free with an adult. Use of all tracks all day at  Cyclopark - The Tollgate, Watling Street, Gravesend, Kent, DA11 7NP -


Cook and eat a healthy meal together as a family

Easy family recipe ideas can be found at Change4Life –


Pick fresh veg/herbs from High Street and use!

Edible Ebsfleet offers free access to fruit, vegetables and herbs in hanging baskets and planters along the Northfleet High Street –


Go for a swim …

Play games in the pool to get your muscles moving, hide and seek, tag, swimming or diving races…try…Cygnet Leisure Centre Northfleet or Cascades Gravesham


Grow your own Veg…

Pick up your grow-your-own vegetable kit and get some helpful advice at the Secret Garden (No Walls Gardens) on The Hill, Northfleet


Join in a local activity….

Try the Grand’s Don’t Sit Get Fit session for the whole family on Thursday nights, 6-7 pm at Northfleet Youth Centre




Go shopping with mum/dad and help carry bags home



Spend an afternoon in the local community picking up litter



Have a tech free evening

Play games, dance, talk or cook together but no TV or I-pads!


Take a neighbours dog for a walk



Help tidy the house or mow the lawn…

Set a timer and see how quickly you can hoover the floor or put your clothes away



Aim for 60 minutes activity each day….                                      Aim to try something new/change some aspects of your diet…..