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Hi I’m Foxy!

I’m 10 years old and in year six. So far year six is AMAZING!!! I personally think it is the best in primary. You are at the top of the school and you get to do more jobs like house captain or a monitor (which I am). A monitor is a really good job, you get to help out and sit on a bench in assembly and on some school days when everyone else is wearing school uniform you will get to wear your own clothes! Anyway this blog will be about really…..anything! I already have a few ideas in mind like: 11+, school trip to the Isle Of White, animals and some other things.

I hope you will enjoy my blogs!


‘Be a first rate version of yourself not a second rate version of someone else’- Judy Garland


(I got that quote from a year six blogger last year and really liked it.)

Anyway Foxy out! smiley

Hey it’s Foxy!

Let me start by saying how AMAZING PGL was. I have to admit it was one of the best experiences I have ever hand and I’m really jealous of the year fives that are going next year. PGL is not only great fun you also get to do things that you have never done before like: Trapeze, Archery , Fencing ,Giant Swing and Sensory Trail (which I will tell you about later) plus lots more !


My favourite activity was 100% Giant Swing, it’s one of the best things I’ve done! I went on with my good friend Shaili; who is also a blogger and she is called Mummy Long Legs. It was so fun and exciting when you’re at the top and you have to pull a string that lets you fall! Also when you are waiting for your turn it is also fun because you have the job of pulling the people on the swing high up in the air!


Okay, time to talk sensory trail. So the sensory trail was fun but also not so fun. I guess you could say it has some ups and downs! To start YOU ARE BLIND FOLDED! When you first begin it is quite scary not knowing where you are going but you get used to it. You are doing it with you day group and have to stand in a long line one behind the other holding on to the person’s shoulder that is in front of you. Then you get led to the course (blindfolded) and begin. I have no idea what happened first because I couldn’t see anything but all I know is that we went through this tunnel thing that had things dangling down and when your blindfolded everything seems a lot worse than is really is. You all might be thinking that you just go through a course blindfolded but ….. NO!!!! You get squirted with water! Cold water! Well I say squirted, but if your in a group with Mr Paterson he will dump the whole thing over your head!!!!!!!! Anyway I would say what the worst part is but I don’t want to spoil it for the next year going. Once they come back I’m sure they will now what I mean.


Okay, a question most people would like to know is, what are the cabins like? Well trust me they were a lot better than I thought they would be. I was in a cabin of 5 people: Me, Shaili, Elle, Ellie and Claudia. Our room was a six room (although we had five people) and we had three bunk beds and a nice painted wall along with our own shower and bathroom. Also there were cabins of eight people as well. I personally loved the cabins because we had our own little balcony and it was nice to come out and talk to other people from different cabins. (Also the cabins were a good place to eat the food that you sneaked in your case)


Well I really recommend going there! Foxy out!!!!