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Harry Potter

Hi again, guys!

Hope you enjoyed my first ever blog! Thank you for all the support on my first blog: I really appreciate it! Today I’m going to be blogging about Harry Potter which has taken the reading world by storm!

After developing a dislike for reading, with books either not very challenging, boring or not very descriptive, I came across ‘Harry Potter’. What harm could it do if I tried one? Obviously, it would be wise if I started with the first book in the series, so that’s why I started with ‘The Philosophers Stone’. As soon as I started to read the book I was hooked! I became really absorbed in the story and could not put it down. It drove my mum insane, especially at night, when I was caught multiple times reading it with a torch under my duvet (after lights out)!

 Amazingly, I finished it within two weeks! Loving it so much, I went and purchased the second book, surprisingly I loved it as much as the first one! Gradually I finished all of the books except for the latest one ‘The Cursed Child’ that I’m currently in the middle of. In my opinion ‘The Philosophers Stone’ is my favourite book as it introduces you to the beautiful settings, fantastic characters and it also includes a huge range of description. Without a doubt, I believe JK Rowling is one of the best authors out there.

Everyone should try a Harry Potter book as I believe they are great!

Thanks again for reading my blog,


Currently I am writing in the hall, were my class are taking part in PE. In PE at the moment, we are lucky enough to be putting our equipment out ourselves. Sadly one of my classmates is stuck in a climbing frame (obviously Shay)!!!!!