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Forest school 4LCB
Working in the sunshine 4LCB
Baking cookies 4LCB
Blue abyss 4LCB
In the garden 4CW
Mia 4CW
Hard at work 4VB
Finished product 4VB
Ryan 4VB learning about electricity.
Mia 4CW
How to take care of a puppy 4CW
Making a fairy house 4LCB
Finished work 4CW
Puppy Milo
Ryanna 4LCB
Great baking 4LCB
Ryanna 4LCB
Archie 4CW
Summah 4LCB
Super work 4VB
Ryan 4VB  making origami sea creatures.
Ryan 4VB
Maksymilian 4CW
Evie 4LCB
Camp in the garden 4LCB
Evie 4LCB
Evie's stingray 4LCB
Sea turtle 4CW
Arabella 4HP
Arabella 4HP
Kai Si puppy poster 4HP
Diary entry 4HP
Great robot 4HP
Homemade octopus 4HP
How many octopus facts? 4HP
Baking one giant cookie 4HP
Olivia H 4HP
Olivia H 4HP
Olivia H 4HP
Supporting the NHS 4HP
Puppy poster 4HP
Maksymilian 4CW
Archie 4CW
A wonderful map! 4CW
Ways to save the Earth! 4CW
A lovely origami sea creature! 4CW
Some wonderful ocean work! 4CW
Ryan's sea turtle 4LCB
Ryanna's cross section of the ocean 4LCB
Grand National here we come!
Fantastic fact page 4LCB
Sophie 4CW
Matthew 4CW
Archie 4CW
Archie 4CW
Some lovely facts about Jacques Cousteau! 4CW
Caterpillar observations! 4CW
Some wonderful facts about Jacques Cousteau! 4CW
Some more great facts about Jacques Cousteau! 4CW
Too much plastic in our oceans! 4CW
Matthew 4CW
Paras's website 4CW
Some great Jacques Cousteau facts! 4CW
A wonderful poem! 4CW
Freya 4LCB
Casey 4LCB
Evie 4LCB
Evie 4LCB
Evie 4LCB
Evie 4LCB
Evie 4LCB
Violet 4HP
Violet 4HP
Sonam 4HP
Super fact file 4HP
Kai Si 4HP
Violet 4HP
NB with his Great Barrier Reef. 4VB
Lily's wonderful poem! 4CW
Cameron's fantastic poster! 4CW
Layla's wonderful poem! 4CW
A lovely Great Barrier Reef poster! 4CW
Matthew's Jacques Cousteau work 4CW
Lily's Great Barrier Reef research 4CW
Evie 4LCB
Ruby 4LCB
Maksymilian's short story 4CW
Volcano making
Explosive work!
Sophie's jellyfish facts! 4CW
Stick weave 4HP
Learning to take care of new puppy.
Ienas 4VB
Great lava lamp 4HP
Lava lamp 4HP
A homemade compass by RM 4VB
Congratulations for winning a silver medal! OH, 4H
Super drawing of Mr Fox by Ryan in 4VB
Great prep work for baking.
Great poster for support the NHS TH in 4VB
VE Day decorations
Great exercise.
4VB Riley's interview with his granddad
Riley 4VB Granddad's answers
Ryan's map  4VB
RM from 4VB Sketch of the Jubilee Clock Tower
RM from 4VB Persuasive Letter
Fantastic research on Gravesham and Gravesend.
Great gymnastics 4HP
4HP MA Story page 1
4HP MA Story page 2
4HP ME Persuasive Letter
4HP ME River
4VB Lego
4VB Someone loves Lego
4VB Lego
4VB Ryan River Thames 2
4VB Ryan River Thames 1
4VB Ryan Fact file 1
4VB Ryan Fact file 2
4VB Ryan
4VB Ryan
Violet 4HP
Violet 4HP
Ryan 4VB
Action shot of sports day activity 4HP
4HP Kangaroo jumps
VG 4HP Great logo
4VB sack race
AD 4HP Logo
Great baker!
Mia's wonderful newspaper! 4CW
Sophie's fantastic newspaper! 4CW

One last time by Ariana Grande (piano cover)

Paras in 4CW has been learning how to play the keyboard. Well done Paras!