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Kents Swimming Gala


On Sunday 5th February I went to Crystal Palace Leisure Centre, to do a swimming gala. The swimming gala is called The Kents. To go to the Kents you have to have to have a certain time, at the weekend I was doing 100M (four lengths) butterfly. When we got there we couldn’t figure out where to park, as we had never been there before. In the end, me and my mum just got out of the car and went into the Leisure Centre, leaving my dad to park. I was a little bit nervous as this was the biggest gala I had ever done!

I didn’t have any expectations as there was going to be the fastest people there. When my heat came, (I was heat 4) I had to go down to the end of the pool and wait to line up. When I was waiting, I started talking randomly to the people in my heats. Soon it was my go to dive in and swim. When I was stood on the blocks, the pool looked really, really long because it was a 50M pool, unlike the 25M ones I’ve been used to. After I had dived in I swam my fastest and I was very happy to discover, when I had finished my race, that I had beaten my personal best (1 minute 29 seconds) and got 1 minute 25 seconds!

When I had got back to the place where my swimming club was, I had to go into the diving pool and warm down. The diving pool was really warm, and it felt even warmer to me because I was really cold. Then, after I had finished warming down, I went back to my seat and waited.

Finally the person, who was talking, announced who would be in the finals. When he finally got to my age group I was incredibly pleased to hear that I was in the finals.

Very soon it was time for me to go and do my race. I was very happy when I finished my race, because I had come 6th! After I had warmed down it was time for me to go home, as I had finished my races. I collected my medal, as up to 8th place got a medal! I was very, incredibly pleased with my achievement!

I can now say that I am the 6th fastest girl in my age group, in the whole of Kent, doing 100M butterfly!