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Key Worker Kids

Key Worker Kids


Since the start of lock down we have had key worker children in school every day and they have brightened up the rather strange place that school has been, and kept a smile on their faces - so thank you. 


They are now working in three different Year groups and each have their own little 'bubble'.  


We thought that their great work deserved to be shared with you all. Please also listen to the podcasts as they sometimes contribute to those too.


Dream catchers - Year 3

Year 4 read this book and then made their own front covers

Rain before Rainbows

Year 5 Button trees

Hands under quilt

Bird puppets

Tree painting

Sunsets with oil pastels


Finger Painting

Bug Hotels

Bug Hotels

Year 3 - Button trees

Year 5 - 3D art

Raft making

Year 4 - Optical illusions - how clever are these!

Father's day

Year 5 - Birds from nature - 19th June

Year 3 paintings of sunsets -19th June

Year 5 made windmills - 15th June

Year 4 made windmills - 15th June

Pasta mosaics and clay statues - 12th June

Flower and chameleon painting - 11th June

Origami and Pursuit Curves - 9th June

Owl theme - 8th June


Today we watched a clip about owls, read 'The owl who was afraid of the dark' by Jill Tomlinson and made some beautiful paper plate owls

Stone Painting- 5th June

Not a stick - 2nd June


This afternoon we enjoyed the story 'Not a stick' by Antoinette Portis, watched Stick Man and then produced some fantastic weaving with some sticks we found out in the grounds.