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Hi and welcome to Frandom. As you probably already know, just before the half term, Year 6 went on a school trip to Kingswood. For two nights, we stayed in the Cambridge accommodation and everyone really enjoyed it. With fun challenges, teamwork building and other amazing activities, Kingswood encouraged you to get over your fears and do things you would never have done before!


At Kingswood, I personally enjoyed the 3G Swing the most. In this activity, you were taught how to safely put on a harness which was then attached to a metal bar (two people were on each bar). Once safely attached and checked, the people on the ground worked together to pull a rope which made you get higher.  Although they will stop when you ask for it to be, they encourage you to go higher than you first intend to, and help you overcome your fear. When you are comfortable with a hight, one of the two people pulls a smaller rope, which makes you drop and start to swing. To start off, you feel anxious and worried, but after you have swung back and forth a few times, it’s fine!


On the way to Kingswood, we stopped off at Port Lympne Zoo. Whilst there, we took a trip on the safari to see all the different animals.  It was incredible to see all the wonderful animals being looked after properly in such a real environment. The reserve is home to over 700 and endangered species. Zoos save endangered animals by bringing them into a safe environment where they are protected from poachers, habitat loss, starvation and predators. They also have a tremendous display of life-size dinosaurs; they have the largest collection in Europe!


Thanks for reading this blog! Also thanks to Shears Green for organising this amazing trip and to Kingswood for having us! Make sure to check out my next blog and everyone else’s new blogs! Thanks again,