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Hey guys, and today I’m going to be blogging about somewhere that I went a few weeks ago…Kingswood!

Kingswood is a company that does residential trips for children. They have different centres across the UK and even one in France! The centre that we went to was called Grosvenor Hall – it’s one of the biggest residential centres in the whole of England!

Half of our year group went to Kingswood on the 19th – 21st of October, whilst my half of the year group (6EA and 6AH) went on the 17th – 21st October.  Before going to Kingswood, we went to Port Lympne, a zoo around 20 minutes away from Grosvenor Hall. This was almost like a taster for what was yet to come in Kingswood!

After arriving at Grosvenor Hall, we found out who our roommates would be and which building we were going to occupy. Luckily, I didn’t have to share a giant room with five people, it was just me and one of my best friends. Our accommodation building was called Cambridge (all the buildings are named after famous cities).  The teachers had to knock on the bedroom doors and tell us to wake up and go to bed. Our teacher - Mrs. Abbott – forgot that our room was occupied and didn’t tell us at all! Eventually, I had to clamber out of my bed in my pyjamas and ask her if it was lights out! That was probably the most awkward thing that I did at Kingswood.