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On the 17th -19th of October 2016, 6EA (my awesome class) and 6AH set of  for   Kingswood. Our first stop was at Port Lympe (the zoo) and very annoyingly it rained on us, we went on an animal safari and looked around the park. When we hopped back onto the coach we were all happy to be finally setting of for Kingswood. When we arrived we were shown around the camp and it was HUGE ! We eventually got to our dorms and I shared a room with Niamh, Emily, Hana, Isabel and Layla so a compact room of six .  My fav activity was ab-sailing  because it was so fun ; it really hurt my shoulder when you accidently  crashed into the wall.  I was really scared to go on the 3g swing because it looked high and scary but the funny part was when my class teacher (Mrs Abbot ) went on it with Chloe ;  I heard them scream . In the end I didn’t go on but I had a good time watching everyone else. My second favourite part was the zipline I think it was called aerial runway and it was awesome I went down it with Isabel and Layla.  I loved  it all but on the first night my room was the loudest downstairs  and we got told of 3 times L.  My dorm was quiet naughty because we secretly brought chocolate and Mrs Abbot caught Niamh eating  mini fingers because she hid the wrapper under her pillow.  I was the only one in my dorm that knew how to make a bed. Anyway  good luck to anyone else in the school that goes. So very good luck .        –Bye xxxxxx