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Hello again! Today I’m going to blog about Kingswood- a place where I went with most of my friends in Year 6 just before half term. To be honest, this was by far the best ever school trip that I’ve went on! There were lots of different, exhilarating activities, there was tasty food and I got to sleep in the same room as 5 of my friends!


I would definitely recommend this to any children in different year groups, as I think that they would like some of the activities that we did. I especially liked the 3G Swing and the Night Line, where on the 3G swing, you were told to put on a harness and you were holding onto a swing, which was about 45 metres high (I estimated) and were dropped to swing at intimidatingly high speeds! At the Night Line, we had to hold onto a rope and the person in front of us’ shoulder and walk through a mud course where we all got very muddy. There were many, many more activities that we did that we did, such as archery and zip lines, which I liked too but not as much as those other two. In addition, we did fencing- again one of my favourites –where we learned the basic stances, positions and attacks.

Image result for kingswood 3g swing Image result for kingswood zip lining


If you will be going to Kingswood, then you should definitely bring a raincoat and old clothes that you’re okay getting muddy, because we did lots of activities that we got our clothes dirty from.



After we arrived at Grosvenor Hall, we had a tour of Kingswood – Where the cafeteria is, the bedrooms, the playground, etc. Also, we found out who out roommates would be, which could be from 1 to 5 other people. All of the buildings that we were put in had names of cities, like Cambridge (the one that I went to)


Don’t forget to check out the other bloggers’ pages. I would rate Kingswood 11/10 for anyone who wants to go, but if you don’t go, don’t worry still because you should get to bake cakes, cookies and pizzas, as it shows in 6EA’s Class page. Their class page has lots of videos and pictures of it!

Stay tuned for my next blog, which should be in 2 weeks from now!

See you later in 2 weeks time, and remember that the subject for each blog I do will constantly be changing a lot!


KrisKros out!