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A few weeks ago my class (6RB) and 6YCB were lucky enough to go to Kingswood! When we were on the coach we got sorted into groups, (who we would be doing our activities with at Kingswood). When we got there we went on a quick safety tour around the buildings to make sure we knew where everything was and where to go if there was a fire! Then we lined up outside our block of rooms, where we got told who we would be sharing our room with. The boys were downstairs and the girls were upstairs! I shared a room with Louise (I was very happy about that)! We then had some time to make our beds and get ready for the activities! My group’s first activity was fencing! It was really fun as you got to have a fencing sword and fence with a partner! Then we had dinner (It was very nice food). Next we all did the activity scrap challenge; we had to turn someone into a robot with scrap pieces of cardboard! If you wanted more scrap you had to tell the leaders a joke and if they thought it was funny you got a piece of scrap or a piece tape! Then we had to protect a balloon and they dropped it from a high height to see which one would burst, (they all did)! That was the end of the activities for the night so we went to the dinner hall and had a hot chocolate, we then wen t back to our rooms and had an hour to get ready for bed and read. We were meant to go to bed at 10:00pm, but I don’t think anyone actually slept at that time!

The next day we got up at 7:00am and had an hour to get ready for our activities. Then we went and had breakfast! After that we started our activities, my first activity was the Team Challenge you had to encourage your team over all different activities and cheer them on! It was so cool! Next we did orienteering and we got to walk around trying to solve the puzzle! It was very challenging but fun! After that we had lunch it tasted very nice! Then my group had abseiling you had to go to the top of a big tower and lower yourself down it was a tiny bit scary but mostly fun!! Then we had the zip line it was so fun!!!! We then had dinner, after that we did archery! It was incredibly fun! We only did one activity because we had the disco! When we were back in our rooms we got ready for the disco and relaxed for a while. Then we went to the disco and had loads of fun, it was so cool they played loads of really cool some and mostly everyone danced! After that we went to get a hot chocolate and then went back to our rooms to get ready for bed! That night I think everyone fell asleep very quickly as we were all so tired from the day before and the activities of that day!             

In the morning I and Louise had lots of fun, because we went to the toilet and every single door creaked really, really loudly! Then we had breakfast and went for our first activity, this time it was problem solving. It was quite hard solving the problems!  But really fun! After that though we had the 3G Swing I had been exited to go on that ever since my brother went and told me about it! That was about 3 years ago! Me and Louise went together and got pulled up very high a (we went to the highest height you could possibly go! Then we both pulled the rope and new fell down and forwards and we swung like we were on a giant really, really high swing! It was amazing I loved it!!!! It was so fun!!!!! Then we had lunch and got our suitcases and boarded the coach to go home! It was a fantastic trip, and I am very grateful to all of the teachers that took us, and my parents who paid for me to go! It was a brilliant trip and very, very fun!