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Hi everyone, and thanks for all the support on my other blogs. I’m sorry this blog is late for I went around five weeks ago, anyway I was taken on this amazing trip to Kingswood. It was one of the best trips I had ever been to! Hopefully this will give you an idea of what Kingswood is like.


As we arrived we saw the other group ready to leave on our coach. Being toured around we caught a slight view of the activities we were going to be doing, we were showed where everything was and what to do during a fire alarm. After that we found out who and where we were sleeping. My roommates were Olivia, Oghosa, Abigail and Isabel (a.k.a Tinkerbell). We were all happy and easily decided where we were going to sleep-I was on the bottom bunk underneath Isabel. For dinner we had fish fingers and chips with peas. The activities we did that evening was the Nightline and scrap modelling. The nightline was where we held on to a rope and the person in front’s shoulder. Then we would walk along a track climbing over and crawling under objects- blinded! Scrap modelling was when we built a robot costume out of cardboard and at the end had a competition.


The next day we woke up and went to breakfast, got ready for the next activity’s and headed off. That day we did orienteering, problem solving, fencing, archery, abseiling and the zip line. My favourite activity I did them was the archery and the zip line. I liked these because on the archery I was quite good and the zip line was fast and funny, as you fall over at the end! Later that evening we had the disco with our school and another. Everyone was sweating from dancing! Tired we all went to bed not wanting it to be our last day!


Eventually the morning came with the first activity of the team challenge. This was where we chose and activity to do and work as a team to complete it. My group worked very well together because most of the activities included teamwork, such as the problem solving or the nightline. After that the best activity of them all was next. The 3G swing! Everyone who had been on it enjoyed it and now it was our turn. I went on with Olivia, and we went to the highest level, Red! At first in was nervous but as we moved back and forth it was fun. We only got one go on it, which was a shame. After that we returned home leaving school a bit earlier.


Kingswood was a great experience for everyone as they pushed you to your limits. It was an amazing trip and I would love to visit again. Kingswood was a great place, for you could try things you might not get to do again. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity!


Thank you for reading my blog, make sure you catch the next one that I write. Thank you for all the teachers that came with us otherwise we wouldn’t have gone!