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Lesson 2 - Getting on with sibings

Lesson 2

To be able to settle arguments with siblings


Problem: Four children (Cecil, Tommy, Daisy and Dolly) live at home with their mum and grandad in a fairly small sized house with a small garden. Grandad sleeps in a small loft room, the boys share a small bedroom, the girls share a bedroom and mum has a box room to herself.

It is during the coronavirus lockd own and Cecil keeps arguing with Tommy over who can use the laptop. Daisy and Dolly Daisy keep hiding the football and Dolly won’t let anyone watch what they want to watch on television. All the children keep arguing and Mum and Grandad have had enough of the arguing and fighting.

Your task: Write a letter to one of the children, Mum or Grandad offering advice on how they can all cope living together.


  • Draw up a timetable
  • ‘Time out’ to prevent/stop arguments
  • Calming down strategies
  • Ask other members in your home if they have some good tips to share
  • Search the internet for some useful tips.