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Local Area Study

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Lesson 1 History

LO: To be able to compare and contrast schools


Our lovely school was first opened in 1958. That is 62 years ago. A lot has changed since then! For this topic, we are going to look at schools of the past and compare and contrast with our school today. What is similar and what is different?


There are many ways in which we can research the past using what is called primary and secondary sources. For example, primary sources include eyewitness accounts, statistical data, art, autobiographies, photos and diaries to name but a few.


Secondary sources provide information about primary sources; for example, biographies, newspaper reports and textbooks on a subject.


Your task:

Research schools from the past. Make a table list of what is similar and what is different about our daily life at school with that of a day in school from Victorian times.


Once you have researched your data, you can write up your findings in an essay. Include phrases such as, ‘on the other hand’, ‘compared with’ (for difference) or ‘compared to’ (to point out resemblances) and ‘contrast with’.


Check out the list of resources below to help you.


Compare and contrast list of phrases


Example essay of compare and contrast


Lesson 2

LO: To be able to redesign our school


We are going to PRETEND that our local council has decided that we need to make our school bigger: and add an extra class to each year group - remember that we are pretending. This will change the design of our school and you will need to think carefully about where these new four classes will be built. For example, should they be built on top of the building? Should they extend to the field? Remember that we only have the space provided (We can’t knock down any buildings that surround our school grounds).






Look at the link below to get a satellite view of SGJ.,0.354427,122m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x47d8b5e7281af913:0x3924fdfb288ed84!8m2!3d51.4250447!4d0.3549742


Think carefully about where you will place the four new classrooms then draw your design out and label it.


See resource Lesson 2 as a guide.


Lesson 3

LO: To be able to design a new school logo


We have a great current school logo. It represents the name of our school: Shears Green Junior School.


Think about our current school motto: TRUST : Tolerance, Resilience, Unity, Success and Teamwork; what images spring to mind when you think of each word and its meaning?


You are going to design a school logo that represents our values: TRUST.

Think about the colours you can use.

The drawings you use must be clear so that they make sense to others.


Remember to send your logo design to your teacher – if you wish to do so.