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Buildings Of Gravesend

Mr Bell introduces topic work for the week

Lesson 1 – To be able to gather and present information.

Gravesend is a place of great historical importance for a variety of different reasons, this is the why Gravesend looks the way it does today.


Your task today is to:

Research one historical building or area in Gravesend and present what you have found out (this may be a poster or information page).


Some examples you may want to research are:

  • Gads Hill Place
  • New Tavern Fort
  • Milton Chantry
  • Guru Nanak Darbar Gudwara
  • Kuflink stadium (Stonebridge Road Stadium)


Some things to think about (these may want to be your sub-headings):

Where in Gravesham is it?

How old is the building?

Why is it famous?


These are some of the suggested areas of interest, if you have another historical building that you would like to research please do so.


Lesson 2 – To be able to identify places on a map.

Using google maps, your task today is to identify different historical buildings and landmarks on a map of Gravesend.


The landmarks are:

  1. Jubilee Clock tower
  2. Milton Chantry
  3. St. Georges Church
  4. Gravesend Town Hall
  5. Guru Nanak Darbar Gudwara
  6. Gravesend Train Station
  7. New Tavern Fort


If you can, print a map of Gravesend and use pens or pencils to mark and label the landmarks. However using google maps to research where they are on a map will also be fine.


Lesson 3 – To be able to carefully sketch a detailed image.

From the research you have conducted your task today is to carefully sketch an image of a historical building or area of your choice.


It is important to consider how you will draw your image, you may want to:

  • Use a pencil to sketch the image
  • Use a biro pen to draw the image


In the resource pack for this task there are some different ideas of how you may want to draw your landmark.