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Maths at Shears Green is rich in reasoning and mastery. We place great emphasis on teaching the children key mathematical skills that will see them through life. Following this, we encourage our young people to reason and problem solve, applying the skills they have been taught.

Times tables are one of the lynch pins of maths and we believe that ALL children should be able to recite their tables by the end of Year 3. At the start of every lesson times tables are chanted to aid memory, children aim to achieve their gold certificates and you will find children competing against the rest of the world on TT Rockstars. Weekly arithmetic tests are used to give the children time to practise key skills and teach new concepts too. 

Through our Cornerstones curriculum, we apply maths cross curriculuarly through science, geography history, DT and art. Applying mathematics to real life scenarios is really important in order for children to transfer the skills they have been taught.

We love maths st Shears Green!

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