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It is an expectation that maths lessons are taught in line with the Rising Stars Mathematics programme, which can be supplemented with resources from Classroom Secrets (based on the White Rose Schemes of work) and Maths Frame, as well as other appropriate resources, such as NRICH. Each year group (3-5) has a hard copy of the Rising Stars teacher guide. There are 60 copies of the text book and 60 copies of the workbook in each year group (3-5) meaning photocopies do not need to be taken. Each teacher has login details for Classroom Secrets and Maths Frame. Y6 lessons are loosely based on the White Rose Schemes of work and supplemented with resources that the rest of the school use, as well as Test Base. Calculations will be taught following the Calculation Policy, which can be found at the bottom of this page: 

1. Each maths lesson is to start with 5 quick questions and a reasoning question, using the common Smart board format, found in the Maths Google Team drive. Quick questions are based upon gaps from previous week’s arithmetic tests.

2. Children to chant times tables – based upon gaps from TT Rockstars and 77 club.

3. Introduce the concept you are teaching, focusing on mathematical language, reasoning and process.

4. Model and provide example questions.

5. Rising Stars, Classroom Secrets and Maths Frame activities, or other appropriate activities

6. Review the lesson, focusing on reasoning and mathematical language.

7. Every morning, PiXL sessions are used to address misconceptions, or tackle questions that deepen/consolidate understanding