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Week 1 - 1/6/20 - 5/6/20




TBAT add 2 or more fractions

TBAT use expanded noun phrases to describe a character.

Watch the video titled ‘Marshmallow’ (see English resources)

You are going to be describing the creature using expanded noun phrases.

Start with a part of the creatures body, adding different description each time you write a sentence/phrase.



Huge eyes

Huge yellow eyes

The huge yellow eyes were shining.

The huge yellow eyes were shining like a torch.

The huge yellow eyes were shining like a torch above his nose.

You could start with:






Using your description of the creature, ask someone else to draw it and see how close they get to the creature in the video clip.

TBAT research and present information about the history of Gravesend.


Topic: Local Area Study

This term we are studying our local area of Gravesham and Gravesend Town.  Over the next few weeks we will be looking at different aspects of Gravesend and Gravesham.  This week we are looking at its history and the famous people that are associated with our local area.


History of Gravesham and Gravesend

Research about Gravesend and Gravesham and their history.  Possible useful websites are shown in the ‘curriculum resources’ section.


Questions you might want to consider.

What is the difference between Gravesham and Gravesend?

When was Gravesham/Gravesend first recorded or noted to exist?

What is the myth about its name?

Who are the famous people that are linked to Gravesend?

Has Gravesend/Gravesham been linked to any TV programs, books or films?

Have there been any big events/attractions in Gravesend/Gravesham in the past?

What key dates are important to the changes to Gravesend/Gravesham?

What other interesting facts are there about Gravesend/Gravesham?



Here are some options about how you could present your findings, or if you have your own idea please feel free to use that. 

- Interview older family members (via a phone call or video call, or a 2m social distancing chat)   to see how they recall Gravesend, do they know of anything that has changed?  Write out your interview and answers or send in a recording.

- make an information article / web page for (see  example idea) 

- make a poster/ factfile

- Timeline of events that have occurred in Gravesend

- Draw a picture relating to the history of Gravesend/Gravesham e.g. Rosherville Gardens, or a portrait of a famous person.


TBAT subtract 2 fractions

TBAT identify description in a setting.

Look at the setting description in the resources and read it aloud. You are going to identify:

  • Adjectives (describing words)
  • Verbs (action words)
  • Prepositional phrases (describes the position of the noun)

You can do this in a table and write down examples of each one you find.

TBAT calculate fractions of a quantity.

TBAT identify verbs and adverbs.

Watch the ‘Marshmallow’ video again. Write down as many noun verb pairs as you can find.

E.g. Smoke rising

Boy sitting

Fire crackling

You should have at least 10 noun-verb pairs.

You may want to watch it again to add a describing word to his action (an adverb).

E.g. Smoke rising quickly

Boy sitting quietly

Fire crackling noisily

TBAT calculate quantities.

TBAT write an action sequence.

Today you are going to put yourself in the position of the boy. You are going to write about the sequence of events using some of your descriptive phrases from yesterday’s lesson.

Remember to write in the first person using ‘I’ because you are the boy and the past tense (as though you are telling the story to someone).

E.g. Last night, I was sitting quietly roasting my delicious marshmallow over the noisy, crackling fire.

Sentence starter ideas:


Right before my eyes,

Before I could react,

Out of nowhere,

TBAT complete the arithmetic practice test.

 TBAT complete the Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar task.


Please note: there are 3 SPAG mats attached, each with vary difficulty. Pick the one that is most appropriate for your level.