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Mummy Long Legs

Hi Guys! It’s Long Legs here!


This is my first time blogging and I’m really just making this up as I go. However, things are going great so far in Year 6 and I’m doing great so far. I think...

Let me tell you all about myself:


I was born in Germany but only came to England when I was 9 months old. I have 2 sisters (unfortunately), and one half brother. I’m in Year 6 and I have a load of crazy friends, three of them are also Year 6 bloggers.


SHOUTS OUT TO FOXY, Dancing Queen and Baby Blue!


Let me also tell you about my name! Because I’m one of the tallest in my class, I got the nickname Long Legs. It was a bit annoying at first, but it is one of the nicknames you get used to and eventually I thought it was funny.


Now let me also tell you my favourite quotes, which are:


‘Change your thoughts and you change your world. ’Norman Vincent Peale

Try to be a Rainbow in someone’s cloud’ Maya Angelou