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My pet

                                                                   My Puppy Jess

Hi everyone, since my last blog I haven’t really done anything exciting so I’m going to tell you about my puppy Jess! In the summer holidays we decided to get a puppy. I was very happy and excited, at first we visited a lady’s house that had a selection of poodles (we knew our dog had to be a poodle as my brother and dad are allergic to dog hair and poodles don’t shred), and we all really liked these poodles as they were really cute and fluffy. But poodles can get a thing that makes them go blind, and sadly the lady who owned the poodles had not got them checked for it, so there was a high chance if we bought one of them they would go blind! So we decided against one of them poodles, but we carried on looking and soon my mum contacted a lady who had just one poodle left. They arranged a date for us to come a visit her, as soon as I saw the puppy I fell instantly in love with her! She was so small, fluffy and lively! We were all very happy when we left her house, when we got home I begged my parents if we could get her, and finally they agreed and the next day we went and bought her! I was so happy!

Now she has grown a lot considering she was so small when we first bought her. Luckily my dad and brother are not allergic to her! We called her Jess and I think it really suits her as she is so cute and fluffy. Jess loves to play and run around, now that she is getting better walking with the lead on, she is starting to really enjoy her walks to (she never wants to go home)! She is so friendly, and if she hears a noise when she is on a walk she just stops and stands as still as a statue staring at whoever, or whatever made the noise, she also loves other dogs and as she is only a puppy, she jumps up at other dogs faces and if they are older than her they tell her off but she doesn’t listen. However if the dog she is jumping up at is a puppy as well then they usually jump up back at her! It’s really funny! As she is so cute I can’t help but keep scooping her up every five minutes (I don’t think she enjoys these hugs but I do).  When she gets wet her face goes really long because she is a poodle and poodles have long noses, and when her legs and feet get wet they look so small and skinny! But when she is dry, her long pointy nose isn’t noticeable and her feet and legs aren’t either as she is mega fluffy!

I’m so glad we got her and not the other poodles that we first viewed, (Jess had been checked for the disease that makes them go blind)! I love her so much and each day I can’t wait to get home from school to see her!