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New Year

Hiya guys,

I hope you all had a good Christmas break because I know I did! #just-saying! I didn’t really want to go on a break as I’m loving year 6 so much but I didn’t want to spend Christmas in school! Who would?!

I got some amazing presents my favourites were: Books (who doesn’t like books?!), an echo dot – which is a cylinder shape that you can tell to do things and ask It questions e.g. What is the time, play my little mix album… absolutely anything!- a light up Bluetooth speaker and a jewellery stand. But I got lots more of lovely presents and I hope you did too. On Christmas day me and my cousins Leah (also known a Locket legs one of the other bloggers!) Evie, Poppy, Phoebe, Olivia and new to the family Lottie and Noah #twins! As well as my cousins I was joined by my mum, dad and brother Zak as well as uncles and aunties and grandparents. We all had a great roast and then opened many presents.


By the way as I haven’t already said Happy 2017