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PGL Isle of Wight

Hi guys – welcome back to Baby Blue. Today, I’ll be blogging about something different – somewhere the Year Sixes went just after half term. Yep, you guessed it: Isle of Wight.

Hopefully, you’ve been looking forward to reading this blog! For those who don’t know, every year, the Year Sixes go to a PGL (Parents Get Lost) residential trip. This year, we went to Little Canada, which is a PGL camp in a tiny island called the Isle of Wight.

The morning we left was a little (understatement!) chaotic, and I have to admit, I was a tiny (overstatement) bit tearful. I couldn’t believe I was actually leaving my parents for four days. Sure, I’ve been to sleepovers, but not 4-day trips. Anyway, once we got onto our coach, I fell asleep almost immediately. After a 4-hour drive, the coach parked on the ferry and we were on water for about an hour. It wasn’t long before we arrived at Little Canada.

My favourite day was the day we arrived, because we went on a walk to the beach, where we had a competition; it was so much fun. To be honest, I was itching to know who I was sharing a cabin with and my mind wasn’t in the beach walk. However, we soon found out – luckily, I was with friends – and made new friends with the seven other girls I shared a cabin with. On the first night, we had a campfire where we roasted massive marshmallows and sang songs. I enjoyed it so much!

Overall, PGL was amazing. My favourite activity was the Giant Swing (see above photo). Basically, two people are harnessed onto a metal bar and then you are harnessed and lifted into the air. Once you decide the height you want to swing from, you pull a green string and immediately, you set off, flying through the air. It was so exciting and I’m embarrassed to say that I screamed all the way, even though I promised myself that I wouldn’t.

Thank you so much, Shears Green, for organising this amazing PGL trip; it sure was hard work, but my mum always says: Nothing worth having comes easy.

Baby Blue J