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Reading at home

It is really important for your child to be reading daily (out loud). This could be a book from school, home or the local library - whichever your child engages with and enjoys the most.  We would really encourage listening to your child read, as well as reading to them. 


Reading Plus

Throughout the school, we use reading plus ( as a way to improve children's speed of reading and their comprehension skills.  This website is a fantastic resouce, which encourages children to read with increasing speed as well as answer questions based on different passages.  The children get to choose a style of text based on a wide selection and can achieve combos as they regularly achieve high scores, with certificates as they move up the levels.


Teach your monster to read 

For those that are practising their sounds, they are using 'Teach Your Monster to Read' ( which the children find engaging and an enjoyable way to rehearse them. 



Nessy is a program designed to help with reading, writing and spelling in a fun and engaging way through games and structured learning components.


Children's passwords were sent out at the start of Term 1, please contact your teacher if you require a reminder.  Not all children are accessing every program, but each child should have access to at least one of these.