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Reading V.I.P.'s

Hi we are the Reading V.I.P.'s


 We go around the school reading, enjoying books and inspiring people to be 'red hot readers'. Our job is to read to everyone on Tuesday's and Thursday's; asking questions about the extract. 


"Starting off with my class helped me build my confidence, now I don't mind who I read to." Kaiyah.


"I think it's fun reading to all the classes because I like to inspire others." Millie.


"3SS were great, they sat on the carpet and gathered round me, listening really well." Shay.


"My favourite was 3AD, they were sensible, listened well and didn't fidget." Matthew


"3LS asked so many great questions, they were really engrossed in the book I was reading." Amelia.


We are looking forward to reading to the rest of you!


See you soon!

Reading V.I.P.'s


Meet the V.I.P. Bloggers

Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver

Hi, we are the V.I.P. Readers and we will be reviewing Wolf Brother. We all read it last term, and really enjoyed it. Wolf Brother is about a boy and his wolf defeating a menacing, evil demon that lurks in the woods; killing everything in its path- will they rise triumphant?


During Torak's (the main characters) travels, he encounters a pack of drowned wolves with one wolf cub left alive -  due to the dreaded 'fast wet'.They band together to journey on their ultimate quest to destroy the murderous beast deep within the possessed forest.As the poor weak cub is sad and alone Torak takes him on his travels to defeat the demon.On his travels Torak grows to love the wolf like a brother.


Main Characters :

Torak: selfless, determined, young .

Renn: intelligent, strong, quick witted 

Wolf : loving,caring,sensitive 

Oslak muscular,daring,old 

Fin-Kedinn: old,leader,smart

Hord: muscular,daring,boastfu